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By using the medium of this site we hope to provide budding as well as established online entrepreneurs not only the tools & resources required for online success, but (more importantly) innovative ideas & awesome inspiration to help you achieve financial happiness.

From Hobby To Wealth Creation

About EntrepreneurshipThe one thing that attracted me to dabbling in online matters is the amazing scope it offers – you can literally start a trendy pop-up business in minutes or develop & establish an online business for long term wealth creation with a team of marketing experts, developers, creative directors and entrepreneurs.

I was tentative at first as many of the sites I came across seemed over-hyped with unrealistic promises of making pots of money while you slept, until I read some more credible blogs like those of Tim Ferris (4 Hour Work Week) & Darren Rowse (ProBlogger) who have both achieved immense success in their own rights.

After having my faith in internet marketing restored I established a a website (in late 2009) that did extremely well – in fact I was making obscene amounts of money (mainly through Adsense) but this all changed after Google’s Penguin update – to my horror my earnings were slashed overnight.

What this taught me was that the internet is an ever changing beast and what works today may not work tomorrow – although original quality sites usually stand the test of time.

I should also add that whilst I have a BCom degree (Accounting & Business Economics) I do not see myself in the same league as the two esteemed gentlemen mentioned above when it comes to internet marketing & innovation but I’m always learning & implementing with encouraging results.

What I will endeavor to do for anyone who visits this site is provide you with innovative thinking, ideas & inspiration that I hope you will find useful in pursuing & achieving your entrepreneurial goals.



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