Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips

5 Ways To Become a Better Blogger

Launching a blog is a fairly easy task for anyone who is reasonably internet savvy, however getting it widely read by your target market & engaging your audience effectively is an entirely different kettle of fish.

Let’s face it there are millions of blogs littering the net, in fact there are something like 38.0 million new posts created every month, so if yours is just going to make up the numbers & get consigned to the bowels of Google’s SERPS (search engine results pages) it’s unlikely to get read at all.

However, if you follow the steps below you will have every chance of getting your blog exposed to your target audience.

If you can achieve this, then you will have a successful blog that will get the reaction it was created for – whether it’s to promote a cause, create awareness or to generate a sustainable income…

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I must just mention that I won’t go into the process of choosing your theme or topic as this has been discussed at length here notwithstanding the fact that this is a very important aspect that can radically influence the success of your blog.

Also remember to host your blog on a reliable server with a fast response time which is essential for attracting organic search engine traffic as well as providing a good user experience – if you are interested as to who hosts this blog it is Hostgator that provides 99.9% uptime (although it seems like a 100% to me) as well as a 1 click WordPress blog installer on fast, well maintained servers.

Blueprint For Successful BlogFurthermore I won’t go into how to set up your WordPress Blog as you can get a step-by-step tutorial here.

These blogging tips will help you become a better blogger & have a blog that is more effective in reaching your target market.

Ok, so let’s get started…

1. Keep it Fresh With Awesome Content

How to keep your blog fresh with awesome contentPosting on a new blog is easy & exciting when the ideas are flowing, however keeping it updated & exciting with fresh, compelling content to keep your audience engaged & keep coming back for more is not so easy.

The first requirement for a successful blog is to regularly post new content that is both original & interesting.

This is harder than it seems, especially if you have other commitments & daily tasks, as it takes time to brainstorm ideas & coming up with content that provides real value that engages your audience.

So do your best to post original, compelling content daily, or at least a few times a week, to have your readership growing & coming back for more.

2. Struggling For Ideas? 4 Step Technique To Conquer Writer’s Block

How to get good ideas to blog aboutAs mentioned above, keeping your blog current with fresh content is important for your readers as well as search engines, however bloggers getting writer’s block is not an uncommon thing.

So when you just don’t have any inspiration or good ideas of what to blog about just follow these steps which never fail to generate new ideas for blog posts;

  1. Head on over to Amazon & type your your niche’s keywords into the search box
  2. then note the top books in the search results & click on one that interests you & it’ll open up a page that reveals all sorts of information that may give you some ideas & inspiration.
  3. To take it further you can “Look inside the cover” which will reveal the first few pages as well as the last few – but more importantly you also get a Table of Contents which will provide you with more ideas of exactly what people are interested in & what you can blog about…
  4. This technique never fails to provide a huge boost of inspiration & when you consider how much time & effort these authors put into organizing & deciding what to write about you can’t go wrong in tapping into their ideas & effort

3. 4 Steps To Ensure Your Posts Are Search Engine Friendly

In order for your blog to pick up a good share of organic (natural) search engine traffic you need to ensure that your posts are well optimized for the search engines whilst still writing good natural content for your visitors.

To make this even more effective you could embark on a back linking strategy to get your posts ranking higher in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

However you can effectively SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your posts by doing the following;

  1. Ensure that your target keyword (or keyword phrase) appears in the title of your post without compromising the grammar or wow factor of it.
  2. The url of the post should also be search engine friendly. So if your post is titled “10 Of the Best Ever Weight Loss Tips” and your target keyword is best weight loss tips your url should be something like weight loss tips
  3. Images in the post should contain variations of your keyword phrase in the title & alt tag as well as the image’s file name.
  4. Including YouTube videos in your post really help with improving your site’s ranking – again be sure to include the post’s keyword in the video’s title & description as well as in its keyword tags.

4. Link To Related Posts

At the bottom of my posts I have a related articles section which provides links to older articles that often encourage the visitor to click on them to get more information on the topic.

For your convenience, here’s the link to get the free Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – which is the one I use on this blog

This is also one of the most under utilized techniques used by bloggers who miss out on this win-win situation – your blog visitors get to read up on more related information & you get to keep them on your site for longer & Google loves blogs that keep its readers engaged for longer which increases your blog’s search engine authority.

You can also provide links to your older popular posts in your blog’s sidebar under a “Most Read” heading or similar to encourage your readers to click on more links & stay on your blog.

5. Use Social Media To Syndicate Your Older Content

How to use social media to drive traffic to your blogBy syndicating your content through the various social media you have a powerful means of getting many more viewers & subscribers to your blog.

So start promoting your older content via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr or any of the many other social media platforms to see your viewership skyrocket

I purposely have not written about all the usual re-hashed blogging topics & hope that these ones are really useful & will benefit you & your blog.

 Finally, 2 Questions For You…

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