Many people are making money from their blogs while at the same time having loads of fun from blogging.

Blogs, which are just website logs shortened to “blogs”, have evolved into popular & powerful tools for individuals to not only share their activities, interests & hobbies with the world, but more importantly to monetize them into becoming income generating machines.

So assuming you want to create your blog to do with your favorite sport, it still begs the question: “how can you make money from a blog”?

Following are the steps to setting up & monetizing your new blog…

5 Steps to Setting Up Your Free Money Making Blog

  1. Setting Up Your Blog – For Free

    The first thing to do is to go straight on over to Blogger where you will be able to set up your own blog for free.

    You will find that is very easy to set up & can be customized to the theme you prefer for your blogging business.

    Furthermore Blogger is owned by Google & therefore a reputable application which allows users to place advertisements and so on which is an important aspect of the money making part of your blog which we will examine below.

    To help you get started quickly have a look at these home business ideas »

  2. Decide On Your Blog’s Topic or Niche

    The topic and focus of your website is a result of a number of factors to do with your own interests, skills, resources & your business model which in this case should be one of profit.

    So bearing in mind that your aim is to make money from your blog you need to ensure that your blog’s topic is one that has a certain amount of popularity

    For instance if photography is something you are passionate about you could center your business around photography & selling photographic equipment.

    Just remember whatever niche you decide on must have the following two components;

    1. a large demand, ie a niche that is popular
    2. a market, ie hungry buyers

    In other words if you can sell the stuff that masses of people want & are already buying you are on your way to online success

    Whatever you choose, whilst it would be a good idea not to get into something that is too popular & therefore too competitive it would also be of no use to promote something for which there is absolutely no demand or interest, like selling ebooks on the mating habits of the north sea clam.

  3. After creating the “perfect” blog don’t let it be compromised by being hosted on a poor performing server which will compromise page speed, downtime etc.

    Ensure that it is hosted with a reliable & professional company such as BlueHost where you can get fantastic packages with everything you will need for optimal blogging performance for just $3.95 per month…

  4. Create Lots of Great Content

    Once you have identified your blog’s niche you need to start creating great & compelling content for it.

    Furthermore the information you put on your blog should be original & informative to ensure that your visitors will keep on coming back & recommending your blog to others.

    With lost of great content you will attract more traffic and more engaged visitors which will increase your chances of getting your visitors to perform one of the desired actions with regards to the monetizing your blog.

    Without useful information or other benefits, your blog visitors will lose interest fast & close your blog’s window before you can say knife.

  5. Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

    Here are some easy ways to monetize & earn loads of cash from your blog;

    • Adsense – Sign up with Google’s Adsense program which is a popular & lucrative way of monetizing blogs.Once Google has approved your account you will be able to copy & paste a few lines of code into your blog which will then serve up advertisements related to the topic of your blog’s page.So when your blog visitors see these ads they are likely to click on them for more information or products to do with your blog’s content.
      Every legitimate click will earn you anything from a few cents to a few dollars which can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars a month.
    • Affiliate Marketing – This is how many very wealthy online marketers have made their money.
      Affiliate marketing is in essence selling stuff for a commission.You could obviously sell your own products but you would then have the onus of shipping, billing, collecting the payments etc. but if you read below you will find out how to sell on online without incurring any of the hassles just mentioned.
    • Donations – If you have a really good blog with valued benefits you could just ask for donations – blog owners do actually do it.
  6. How to Sell Stuff From Your Blog?

    Once you’ve decided on the products & services you want to sell from your blog, you can sign up with the affiliate networks that offer these products which you can choose from & sell for a commission without having any of the hassles of shipping, billing or worrying about payments – the affiliate network will handle all of that & pay you the commission for each sale.

    To get your blog started off on the right foot, grab Corbett Barr’s book How To Start a Blog That Matters which will provide you with focus & specific advice regarding to creating a blog with authority & real earning potential

    You can sign up for free with any or all of the following popular affiliate networks;

    So once you have your products with your affiliate ID embedded into their links you can start marketing them.

    A quick word on your affiliate link – this is the link that when clicked on will direct the site visitor to the vendor’s landing page where they will hopefully make a purchase & you will be credited with the commission as you will be identified as the referrer via your affiliate ID embedded in the link.

    Your affiliate link could look something like this:

    You could market your chosen products with a Google Adwords campaign which many internet marketers use very successfully, however for the uninitiated it could cost a lot of money for very little reward.


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