How To Make $500 a Day

How to Make $500 a Day

I think many of us would be more than satisfied if we knew how to make $500 a day from our online businesses.

And as many of us know, contrary to what you read all over the internet, it’s not easy to make $10 a day so how to make $500 a day should be enlightening to some.

This blueprint, however, is not a business in a box or a get rich quick thing, but rather a good solid plan that you can use to make at least $500 a day if you follow each step in it’s entirety.

Furthermore it must be noted that this is not an overnight strategy either – it is something that you’ll have to work at and the amount you get out of it will depend on how much effort & commitment you put into it.

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6 Step Blueprint to Make $500 a Day

1. The Meat of the Plan

How To Make $500 a Day

How To Make $500 a Day? Start With a Plan

I’m sure that you would agree that to make just $5 a day from just 1 website or blog is not a tall order.

So if you had 2 blogs or sites making $5 each that would be $10 a day, it would follow that 100 blogs would generate $500 a day.

Well that sounds obvious I hear you say, but what you need to understand is that to make $500 a day from just one blog is not easy & fairly common.

So in a nutshell the plan is to set up 100 blogs to each generate $5.00 a day, ie. 100 x $5.00 = $500 a day.

Furthermore having all of your eggs in one basket, ie just 1 website, is risky so this plan has many advantages & is a real way of elevating your online earnings.

2. Research Some Niches

Niche ResearchThe great thing with this plan is that you can target many different niches & you’ll find that some will work better than others.

You may even stumble onto one of those lesser known niches that turns into a goldmine & generates more than a few hundred dollars a day on its own.

For instance if your niche is about bicycles the micro niche could look like this:

  • Niche: Bicycles
  • Sub Niche: Trek Bicycles
  • Micro Niche: Trek Mountain Bikes
  • Micro-Micro Niche: Trek 9 Series carbon 26″-wheeled hardtail Mountain BikeSo if you target the “Trek 9 Series carbon 26″-wheeled hardtail Mountain Bike” niche you will find that there are less search queries for this keyword, but the competition will also be significantly less & if your blog is optimized for this niche you could get a decent slice of this traffic which will also be highly targeted. Highly targeted traffic generally converts easily into sales. Actually if you do come across such a niche you can set up a few different versions of this particular niche each with it’s own domain to maximize your earning potential from it.Read how you can use Internet Niche Marketing Software to discover those lesser known niches which have the potential of yielding a wealth of untapped income streams.

3. Register Your Domain Names

Domain NamesThe next step in your plan is to start registering the domains that are appropriate to the niches you have researched as above.

Obviously you can start registering your domains as & when you come up with a suitable & profitable niche.

You must ensure that your chosen domain names are keyword rich – for instance of your micro-niche is to do with trek bicycles as above your domain could be along the lines of: (you probably won’t be allowed to use the word “Trek” as it would be a trade-marked name).

So start making a list of your preferred domain names as per your chosen niches – you won’t be able to do them all at once so just choose one or two niches to start with and research some good keyword rich domain names for them.

Once that’s done you can start checking to see whether they are available & then register them with Go Daddy which is one of the cheapest (from $1.99) & most reputable domain name registrars on the net.

Also, go to the following link for more information on choosing & securing your preffered domain name for your internet business here »

4. Establish Your Online Presence

Establish Online Web PresenceIn my opinion the best way to tackle this, is to sign up with a webhosting company that offers unlimited domain name hosting as well as free wordpress software with all the functionality that you will need to make the task as easy as possible.

I use Blue Host who provide packages (currently from $5.95 for unlimited domains – the cheapest package is $3.95 but is only for a single domain) that offer not only unlimited bandwidth & disc space but also unlimited domain name hosting (as well as much more).

Furthermore you can upload a free WordPress site for any number of domains in a matter of minutes.

So just to recap, once you have your domain name registered you add it to your hosting account & them upload a WordPress blog for that domain name.

Once that is all done you can start customizing & tweaking your WordPress blog for a professional look as well as optimize it for search engines.

Furthermore, the key to this plan is to use WordPress for many important reasons, including ease of use, SEO friendly, the automation of certain tasks as well as the following;

  • No website design or coding knowledge required to establish a professional, functional & effective web presence.
  • It is extremely easy to use & tasks that often require specialist knowledge with traditional websites can be performed with a few clicks on WordPress.
  • Many tedious website tasks are performed automatically with the appropriate plugins – for instance updating your RSS Feed & automatic pinging to many subscribers whenever a post is changed or added.
  • Masses of free plugins available to perform many tasks ranging from search engine optimization to uploading Amazon Stores & managing Adsense modules.
  • Many professional WordPress themes available that can be uploaded easily – themes can also be changed with the click of your mouse.
  • WordPress is continually being improved & you are prompted to update your version every time you log in – again it just involves a click of your mouse.

Not using a blogging platform such as WordPress, & having a hosting company that supports & provides it as well as allowing unlimited domains, would just be too cumbersome – with a conventional website you just wouldn’t have the time to do all of the WordPress automated tasks that are essential for traffic & profits as well as having access to many free & useful WordPress plugins that can be used to maximize yout blog’s profitability.

So without further ado head on over to where you can have your account opened & functioning by the end of the day so that you can start adding your domains to your account to allow them to start generating some income for you.

Remember, if your great idea is not online in the form of a blog or website, it won’t be generating any passive income for you – so don’t procrastinate, just get it online & tweak it as you go.

5. Monetize Your Blogs

Monetize Your BlogNow this is where it starts to get exciting – making some money from the blogs you have set up.

The quickest way to start them earning is by choosing from the following options or using a combination of them;

  • Affiliate Marketing – You can sign up for free with any or all of the following popular affiliate networks;So once you have your products with your affiliate ID embedded into their links you can start marketing from them.
  • Google Adsense – Once you have some niche related content on your site, one of the best ways to earn a passive income from it is to place Adsense ads in strategic positions where they will get clicked on – each click earns you ad revenue.All you need to do is download the Adsense Plugin that will allow you to manage your Adsense ads easily in terms of positioning & optimization.You will just need to upload it to your WordPress blog & activate it by logging in to your admin panel, select Plugins where you will be presented with a list of all the Plugins that have been uploaded & you can activate your Adsense Plugin there.
  • Amazon Stores – Once you’ve registered as an Amazon affiliate, WordPress makes it so easy to integrate Amazon stores & pages into your site with your affiliate ID embedded in the links .Once again WordPress makes this task ridiculously easy for us by allowing you to upload an Amazon Store Plugin & then upload it to your WordPress blog & activate it by logging in to your admin panel, select Plugins where you will be presented with a list of all the Plugins that have been uploaded & you can activate your Amazon Plugin here.Then click Tools where you will see Amazon Store Import & Amazon Store Pages options – just have your affiliate details handy as you will be prompted for these before uploading stores or pages. The stores will reflect in your side bars & posts whilst the pages will reflect in the top navigation – depending on what template you have.

6. Optimize Your Blog to Maximize Your Traffic

Blog TrafficWordPress, once again makes this task far easier than with conventional websites.

For example, once your blog has been optimized correctly, it will perform these web traffic optimization tasks for you;

  • Automatic Produce Search Friendly URL’s – The first thing you need to do with your blog is go to Settings and then select Permalinks.Then select “Custom Structure” & insert something like “/%postname%/” or “/%category%/%postname%/” into the box & then save changes. This will ensure that each post will have a search engine friendly url to do with your post title rather than an having an SEO unfriendly auto generated URL like “ also provides you with the option of inserting a topic or keyword phrase of your choice into your URL. So by setting up your permalinks as above, by default your post title becomes your post slug but you can alter that from post slug tab on right hand side column which provides you with the opportunity to come up with possibly a better, keyword rich title which helps in your SEO efforts.
  • Automatic Ping a List of Blog Directories – Your blog can be set up to automatically ping a large list of blog directories each time you publish a new post. This is an important part of attracting as much targeted traffic as possible & getting backlinks to your blog.To set up this useful WordPress function just go to “Settings” -> “Writing” & then under “Update Services” paste this list of blog directories for starters:

    & then click “Save Changes” – this list will be pinged automatically every time your blog is updated.

  • Automatic Site Map Generator – This Site Map Plugin will not only update your Site Map automatically but will also update & upload your site map every time you create a new post or just make a change.
  • AddThis Social Media Sharing & Bookmarking Feature – This AddThis WordPress Plug is once again very easy to install & configure and allows your users to promote your content by sharing to 295 of the most popular social networking and bookmarking sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and MySpace).
  • Feedburner PlugIn – This Feedburner Plugin is a must that will redirect the main feed, & optionally the comments feed to, seamlessly without the need to modify templates, setup new hidden feeds, modify .htaccess files, or asking users to migrate to a new feed.
  • Make Your Blog Visible – If you neglect this step all your SEO efforts could come to nought.So “Settings” -> “Privacy” & then select the “I would like my site to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technorati) and archivers” option so your blog will be spidered & indexed by all of the major search engines.If you do not perform this step your site will not be visible & will not rank in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

There are many, many more WordPress Plugins that you may find useful in optimizing your blog & structuring it to not only look professional but function effectively & automatically.

By the way, all of the WordPress Plugins mentioned above are totally free – gratis.

Turn Your $500 a Day Goal into Reality

Motivation For SuccessTo realize this goal & even surpass it, you need to take action now…

…so get your skates on & start setting up your niche ready blogs to start making some real money.

Incidentally, the total cost of doing this would be roughly $1.99 for each .info domain name & $6.36 for a WordPress hosting account for unlimited domains.

So you can get all 100 blogs online for a total investment of just $205.36 – that’s $199.00 for 100 .info domain names & $6.36 (per month) for your hosting account.

So the actual investment in this blueprint, to get you earning $500 a day, certainly cannot be an obstacle to getting started – in other words if you do not get going with this you will only have yourself to blame this time next year if you haven’t made any progress to becoming financially independent. Briefly, these are the 5 things you need to do – start with getting just 1 blog up & running & once it starts making some money get going with the next one – in other words just rinse & repeat.

  1. Make a list of some lucrative niches
  2. Register keyword rich domain names for these niches
  3. Establish an online presence for each domain name with just one hosting account that supports & provides WordPress
  4. Monetize your blogs using Adsense WordPress Plugins & affiliate marketing
  5. Optimize your blogs to maximize profitability

Stick to this plan & establish as many blogs as you can over time & you should easily surpass our original $500 a day goal.

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