Internet Marketing Resources

Internet Marketing Resources

I thought it would be useful to establish a list of all the resources that are essential for building a website or blog that is effective in achieving the task it is meant for.

Furthermore this will be a dynamic list that could be amended & added to as time goes on and as & to keep pace with the ever changing internet marketing environment.

It would therefore be useful for you to bookmark this page & refer back to it whenever you require some information or a tool that could be useful in building your blog whether it’s to generate a passive income or establish a presence to highlight a cause.

12 Essential Online Marketing Resources For Your Business

1. Blogging Tools

Blogging ResourcesAs blogging is becoming the most popular way of building online content & authority, it is reasonable to expect this to be at the top of the list.

i. WordPress – this is the most popular blogging platform which comes free with some hosting packages, is easy to install, fully customizable & search engine friendly and comes with many useful plugins that can automate many of the mundane webmaster processes.

ii. The Socrates Theme – whilst there are many free WordPress compatible themes available, many of them come with malicious code embedded in them & if you want to stay on the right side of Google, the Socrates theme is generally acknowledged as one of the very best.

iii. Blog Your Way To a 6 Figure Income – Many bloggers are making more than $10,000 a month & some like ProBlogger are generating in excess of $50,000 every month, however many more are hardly making anything at all – this article will help you get your blog off on the right foot

2. Hosting

Best Web HostingBlueHost – You will need a reliable web hosting service that you can rely on to have your blog or website online at all times & to provide you with prompt support 24/7. With this web host not only do you get all of the above as well as really good value in terms of low cost hosting packages (from $3.95), but you get free WordPress software with all the functionality as well as many website templates & other features, not least of all great support – you would have to go far to beat the value that you will get from this hosting provider.

3. Domain Names

i. You will need to register at least one memorable domain name for your website.There is a school of thought that recommends not having hyphens in your domain name.

ii. So instead of it would be preferable to have but this thinking could have changed in a month or so – it’s all to do with what Google prefers in order to get the best search engine ranking value out of your domain.
It also used to be best SEO practice to register exact match domain names but since Google’s Panda & Penguin updates exact match domains are a big no-no. So rather have than if that makes any sense at all to you.

Also .com domains are best for commerce sights & .net domains for technical type sites but domains are totally fine for UK based businesses.

iii. So start searching for a memorable domain name here where you can register as many as you like – it’s always a good idea to register any good name that is available as it can always be sold later for profit if you don’t use it – good domain names are like gold.

4. Free Blogging & Content Creation Platforms

Whilst these are great resources for enhancing your web presence & integrity and for generating quality backlinks to your main site, I would caution against using them for your main, money portal.

The reason for this is that they have been known to change their Terms of Service (ToS) without notice leaving many users high & dry – just imagine having put hours, days, months or even years’ worth of work into creating a great site on one of these platforms only for them to inform you that your account has been summarily closed as your content doesn’t fit their future vision or something along those lines.

It is always important to ensure that your main money site is totally under your control with your own domain & hosted on your terms.

  • WordPress – this is the famous WordPress blogging platform but the free variety – not as good as having your WordPress blog hosted with your own domain name – this one will be similar to
  • Blogger – this is a free blog creation platform which will have in your domain name.
  • Squidoo – this provides you with a great interface for creating Squidoo lenses – as many as you like
  • HubPages
  • Weebly – a powerful & useful site creator
  • Facebook – no need to provide more information on this one…

5. Affiliate Networks

  • ShareASale – this network provides its affiliates with great tracking tools & support and provides a wide range of quality products & services which you can promote. One of their features, that I find extremely effective, is that you can generate custom affiliate links to direct traffic to a specific page pf the product or service you are promoting. Unfortunately most affiliate programs only allow you to send traffic directly to the vendor’s sales page which in some cases you may not think represents your pitch favorably.
  • ClickBank – this is one of the most popular networks for providing digital products that can be sold online – it’s important to carefully scrutinize the products you want to market as whilst there are many poor quality products, there are also some very decent products in the ClickBank Marketplace that you can sell online.
  • Commission Junction – CJ is another network that has a lot of credibility amongst affiliates & offers many products & services for marketing

6. E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing $19/Month!You have probably heard the phrase that “the money is in the list” which means that if you have a list of targeted prospects you can make a fortune by emailing them sales & marketing information

Aweber – There is basically only one choice when it comes to a powerful all-in-one email auto-responder & that is Aweber.

Aweber’s email marketing software gives you the ability to create signup forms & newsletters that can be sent out automatically in a timed fashion to every new subscriber – it’s easy to use & the professional way to manage your email subscribers.

7. Niche & Keyword Research

This is often seen as the holy grail of internet marketing – if you can get the right keywords (keyword phrases) that have big demand & little competition you’re in business.

The following tools will help you in your journey to achieving this.

  • Google’s Keyword Tool – this is a great tool from the Google giant & to top it all it is totally free to use & provides many useful keyword combinations, with search volumes for each one.
  • Niche Finder Software – this nifty program will allow you to see quickly whether a keyword will be profitable & worth pursuing. An essential tool for your arsenal…
  • Search Engine Marketing – use this membership site which will help you get your blog to the top of the search engines which is obviously where you want to be to earn real money.

8. E-Book Cover Creators – Free

If you are going to create your own product you will need to present it as a professionally designed package in the form of an actual book or box.

You can do this with using one of the free e-book cover creators below;

  • My eCover Maker – you will need to sign up with your name & email address & then you will be able to use this great product to create your own e-covers. They offer you 5 free e-cover versions from which you can choose which should be enough to get you started.
  • 3D Package – this software will allow you to choose a cover, a back side & a side graphic and the software will arrange them into a 3D box.

9. Images & Graphics

For a good looking & attractive blog you will need some decent images which you can get from the sites below – some are free & some are not;

10. Advertising Resources

To advertise your site or products or to earn advertising revenue, the following are some of the best resources.

  • Google Adwords – this is arguably the most effective (& most expensive) way to advertise your products & services although you would be wise to educate yourself regarding the intricacies & technicalities when it comes to getting the biggest bang for your buck from Adwords.
  • Google Adsense – due to the “high cost” nature of Adwords it follows that Google’s Adsense program is also one of the best payers when it comes to getting advertising revenue from your blog.
  • Chitika – this Online Advertising Network is right up there when it comes to earning money just by placing adverts on your sites.For some publishers, earnings can be as little as $100 a month but for others it can easily be in excess of $10,000 a month depending on your site, traffic volumes & ad placements.


11. Outsourcing & Freelancers

When it comes to online marketing a great deal of time is taken up by producing great content or developing software and so on and this is where many successful internet marketers outsource a lot of the work to reputable freelance companies.

A World of Talent Ready to WorkElance is a reputable company that has been around for ages & provides skills from writing to programming to designing – all around the world.

All you need to do is register & you’re free to post your job requirements & get the perfect freelance skill to handle your particular requirement.

You will also be able to view each candidate’s portfolio to narrow down your choice of freelancer for the job you have & you also only pay for work that you have approved.Fees?

Elance gets an 8.75% service fee (from the freelancer’s original quote) which is deducted from your payment for the job & the balance is paid over to the freelancer.

12. Useful Reading & Advice

i. How to Start a Blog That Matters is a product that was recently launched by Corbett Barr who is one of the few bloggers on the net who does business online in a totally transparent fashion.

This means that being honest & helping others are his main priorities, which is why his new blogging course has my top recommendation if you’re looking to start a brand new blog or inject some energy into your current one.

He has consistently launched successful, meaningful (and hugely profitable) blogs and has structured this course to help anyone to potentially do the same.

ii. 31 Days To a Better Blog – this book is written by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger fame who is an authority on making money by blogging which is what he has been doing since 2002 & earning a full time living from it since 2005.

I also like the fact that it does not give you false dreams of instant wealth but provides you with a daily structure to build a wealth creating blog in 31 days.

iii. The 4-Hour Work Week – this is a must read which is written by Timothy Ferriss, a serial entrepreneur, who runs a multinational firm online from locations all around the world.

This awesome book is essential reading for any entrepreneur looking for growth & self improvement.

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