Profitable Web Hosting Business

Profitable Web Hosting Business

5 Tips For Starting a Profitable Web Hosting Business

When starting a reseller web hosting business you need to keep the needs & requirements of your target market in mind.

This means that you need to choose your web hosting provider carefully as the features & benefits that they offer will impact, either positively or negatively, on how you can market your services to your potential customers.

For instance if one of the key features a potential buyer is looking for is free website templates then you need to make sure that your host has this feature available for you to offer your clients.

5 Keys To Ensure Success For Your Web Hosting Business

These key features & benefits are essential for you to gain an advantage over the competition to successfully promote your services to your target market

  1. Web Hosting Biz Freebies – people love getting something for free so ensure that you can offer them something of value with your web hosting packages
  2. Bandwidth & Disk Space – you need to be aware of the requirements in terms of bandwidth & storage space because if your allowances are not competitive you will struggle to sell your packages. A good hosting provider will allow you unlimited bandwidth and disc space.
  3. Free Website Templates – most web hosting package buyers would give their money to the host that offers professionally designed web templates for free & again if you have partnered with the right host this feature will be included in your reseller package to offer your customers for free.
  4. Free WordPress Software – a great slice of your market will be made up of bloggers who will require a one-click WordPress script installer to set-up their blog.
  5. Fantastico De Luxe – Fantastico allows you to offer a load of useful free scripts to your market which gives them the ability to choose & install any script on their websites & blogs with just one click which takes the hassle out of setting these things up manually. Some of these free Fantastico scripts include email autoresponder packages, image gallery scripts, blog scripts, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, site builders, billing software, project management, shopping carts & quite a few more.

So bearing in mind that the needs of your target market are likely to include some of the above hosting features, you need to ensure that your reseller package allows you to offer these as.

Additional Features Your Hosting Provider Needs To Provide

Web Hosting Reseller Accounts

Furthermore, it goes without saying that whilst the above added value benefits need to be included in your sales arsenal, you also need to be able to ensure that your hosting packages come with all the necessary support & technical stuff that your clients will need, as per the following;
as well as the following features

  • Easy to Use and Flexible Control Panel (cPanel Demo | WHM Demo)
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • No Contract with a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Private Name Servers based on your Domain
  • Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts with SMTP
  • Web Mail Access: Choose from Horde, SquirrelMail, or RoundCube
  • Receive your email to your phone via IMAP Support
  • Prevent spam with Spam Assassin
  • Unlimited Autoresponders, Mail, Forwards, Email Aliases, Mailing Lists
  • 24/7/365 Premium Support via Phone, Live Chat, and Ticket System
  • Automatic Weekly Off-Site Data Backups
  • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring
  • Latest cPanel Control Panel
  • Website Statistics: AWStats, Webalizer, Raw Log Manager, Referrer and Error Logs
  • Instant Shopping Carts, Blogs, Portals, Forums, Counters, and Formmail
  • Password Protected Directories and Custom Error Pages
  • Web Based File Manager, Hotlink Protection, IP Deny Manager, Redirect URL

Ensure You Partner With the Right Hosting Provider

So as you can see there is quite a lot to consider when choosing who you are going to partner with as your choice could be the difference between having an extremely lucrative hosting business as opposed to one that barely covers your monthly hosting fee.

Professional Hosting For $3.95 per Month

Furthermore you need to analyze your target market so that you can structure your hosting plans accordingly and ensure a perfect fit to their particular demands which will enhance your sales & make you more money.

For instance cost will always be an issue however, individual bloggers will probably require hosting plans that are geared towards providing WordPress or other blogging software as well as free templates, whilst corporate clients will place more emphasis on reliability & uptime.

So ensuring your hosting provider allows you to promote the exact features & benefits required by your target market will go a long way to ensuring your reseller hosting business will achieve success in the short term & turn out to be a highly lucrative & profitable business.

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