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How To Start a Reseller Hosting Business

Taking the decision to start your own reseller web hosting business is an excellent way to set up a legitimate & credible business that can easily be run from home & could turn out to be an extremely lucrative way of making a living.

There is such a huge demand for this type of service which creates a lucrative business opportunity & if you can tap into it or carve yourself a little niche in this massive market you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

The most important & key component of making this a successful business is to ensure that you partner with a totally reliable “parent” hosting company that can guarantee a 99.9% uptime & provide prompt effective support as well as all the necessary features & benefits that are required to run such an enterprise efficiently.

5 Steps To Starting a Web Hosting Business At Home

1. Name Your Business

Register Memorable Domain NamesOnce you have decided on a memorable name for your hosting concern you will need to register an appropriate domain name for it.

So if you have decided on Just Hosting, for example, you should try & register to enhance your business’ branding which is all important.

Incidentally this domain was available when I last checked – you can browse names & check availability for any domain name here as well as register them which you should do as soon as you discover a memorable name as they get snapped up very quickly.

It’s not a bad idea to register a few suitable domain names as they can always be sold at a profit later if you don’t need them.

2. Select the Right Hosting Provider

Reliable Hosting ProviderWhen selecting the hosting company you want to partner with you need to consider the following

  • does it offer a reseller plan
  • does it offer free support for your customers
  • does it offer an automated billing service or software at no extra charge to you
  • does it offer unlimited bandwidth & disk space (you can limit this according to the packages you set up & market)
  • does it offer a WHM (Web Hosting Management) facility from which you can manage all your domains, customers, web hosting packages and so on.

3. Log In To Your WHM (Once You Have Signed Up As a Reseller)

WHM Control Panel

  • To log in to your WHM control panel you would typically go to where you will presented with a login panel to enter your username & password.
  • Create the hosting packages you want to sell
  • Set disk & bandwidth limits (optional) – just remember that a personal WordPress blog will need approximately 100 MB of bandwidth & 20 MB of space which could be your entry level (cheapest) package for example – larger sites will require more space & bandwidth which you could charge more for.

4. Start Uploading Files To Your Website

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

  • You can start uploading files to yours & your customers’ domains/accounts
  • All you need is an FTP Client software package which you can get for free
  • Don’t forget that every website needs an index.htm or index.html or index.php file for it to be indexed
  • Also be sure to upload your web pages to a public_html file otherwise they won’t be seen

5. Get These Value Added Services From Your Hosting Provider

  • Billing – With a good host your should have a choice of billing systems that come at no extra charge with your reseller account
  • Website Builder – If you want a website builder for your own sites or those of your clients you should have this option available.
  • Web Templates – First impressions mean everything so if you have access to professionally designed templates you should browse them & choose those that will be suitable for you & your customers.

Benefits Of Setting Up a Web Hosting Business

Furthermore the benefits of setting up a virtual hosting enterprise are many, a few of which are listed below.

  • Reseller Hosting BusinessLow start up costs – all that is required is a good computer & a place to work from like a study in your home
  • Low operating & running costs – a good reseller plan with a reliable hosting provider will cost you less than $25 a month.
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Not limited by a certain geographical area – the whole world is your market
  • No special internet or technical knowledge is required
  • Customer support can be taken care of by your hosting provider in your name
  • Quick & easy to set up & get started – you can get it operational & live on the internet in a day
  • You can be signing up customers in a day
  • With a suitable hosting provider all the technical issues such as hardware & software maintenance, server up time, backups, upgrades etc will all be taken care of
  • As a reseller you will get a web hosting management interface (WHM) from where you will be able to set up your hosting packages & pricing as well as manage all of your client’s accounts in terms of bandwidth, disk space and have the facility to terminate or suspend accounts for non-payment.
  • Too many features & benefits to mention here that come with a good reseller web hosting business plan, – for instance WordPress functionality (and much many more useful applications) that will allow your clients to create their own WordPress blogs with just a few clicks of the mouse at no extra cost.

In Conclusion…

Web Hosting Reseller Accounts

If you are looking for an easy-to-set-up business model that can generate a sustainable passive income for you, you would be crazy not to take advantage of setting up your own home based web hosting business.

Not only is there is incredible demand for quality hosting, but it is easy to set up & run.

The world is your oyster may be a cliche but when it comes to marketing your hosting business, the whole world really is your market.

Get started today by signing up for your reseller hosting account here with arguably the best, most reliable & best value for money hosting provider on the internet

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